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Online antenatal educational test ‘isn’t just a test’: ‘It’s a test of what is taught online’

The first test of the online education test, the Online Birth Education Test (OBET), has been launched and has been criticised by some parents and doctors.

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What is OBET?

The OBET is a test that is administered by an accredited medical practitioner, which aims to assess how much information a parent and/or parent-to-be should know about the baby and the developing baby.

The test is used to assess a parent’s knowledge of prenatal and early-childhood health and wellbeing.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has commissioned the test, which was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University, to help assess a range of issues related to prenatal and the delivery of a baby.

What are the tests looking for?

A health professional will administer the test to assess your knowledge of:the pregnancy, the birth and/ or the postpartum period (i.e. how long the baby is expected to live, and how much time he or she will spend in the womb, during hospitalisation or at home)The doctor will also give you the information about the development of the baby(s) and the health of the developing brain, lungs and bones.

This test is meant to be a short, self-assessment, and should only be used by parents who know exactly what they want to know about their baby.

Some of the questions the test asks are:What are you doing with the baby?

Do you have any special medical needs?

How long are you going to stay with your baby?

Are you happy with the care you receive from the healthcare team?

Is the baby eating?

Have you talked to your baby’s doctor about the situation?

Do your baby sleep well or not?

How do you cope with the stress of being with the new baby?

How will you feel when the baby wakes up?

How does the baby sleep?

Are your feelings of sadness and anxiety resolved?

Have your feelings changed?

What are your feelings about the new mother?

What do you want to hear about in the baby’s first weeks?

What about in your life as a new parent?

What does the OBET test ask?

The tests aim to:Identify which of the following areas you need to improve on:Pregnancy and childbirth in the past monthWhat is your health?

What is the baby doing?

How much does he or her need to learn?

What type of care are you providing?

How healthy is your baby(ren)?

What type and level of sleep are you getting?

How comfortable is the new mum?

Are there any special health needs?

Are the baby breathing?

Are they hungry?

Are their eyes open?

What should they eat?

What would they eat in the first week of life?

What’s the baby like to play with?

What will your baby do in the second week?

What kind of breastfeeding are they doing?

Are babies hungry?

What kinds of foods do they like?

What colour do they want their baby to wear?

What toys do they have?

What types of activities do they enjoy?

Are things being played with?

How well do they sleep?

What else can you tell about your baby?’

What should you expect when you’re with the first baby?

What you can expect when the first child is born?’

How much time do you have?’

A lot’What is it like?

Is it hard to be there?

What if there’s no one around?’

Are you ready to leave?

Are these issues resolved before the baby comes home?’

What you should do if you think your baby needs more care’What do I need to know to do the test?

How many questions are required?’

What are some things I can expect?

Are some of the answers ‘wrong’ or ‘wrong for my baby’?

Do you know any doctors who are qualified to do it?’

Are there other online tests available?

If you or your child is considering an online test and you want them to use the information, you should read this advice and consider their views.

The ABC has contacted the Australian Institute for Health and Health Sciences (AIHSW) for more information.

The online test has already generated a lot of interest and feedback from parents and parents-to, so we are confident that the information it provides will be useful to parents.

For parents, the test also gives them the opportunity to ask questions that are not asked by the OBETS test, such as questions about breastfeeding, if the baby has been given formula, and what their relationship is with their baby(resume), if they are getting more time to see the baby at home, or whether they want more advice on the care of their baby while he or you are away.

This is important information for parents to ask their children about, because the results of the test can be useful for the health care team.

The OBETS online test will be

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