‘There’s no better time to be a white nationalist’: Anti-racist groups say Trump’s immigration policy is racist

After Donald Trump’s controversial immigration order, many have been wondering why he was able to pass a law that will limit entry to the United States from Muslim-majority countries like Syria and Iran.

Now, according to the Anti-Defamation League, anti-racist organizations are trying to stop the president from implementing his Muslim ban, and that they are concerned that it will encourage more violent extremism.

In a statement, the ADL said the Trump administration is “continuing to restrict immigration to the U.S. and its allies” from countries where Muslims have a “documented history of violence, extremism and discrimination.”

The statement reads:We know that Trump’s order will result in increased anti-Muslim sentiment, as well as an increase in the number of people with ties to terrorist organizations, including ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), Al-Qaida, and ISIS.

The Trump administration’s Muslim ban is a direct response to these trends and will further alienate the United Nations and the international community.

We are working to educate U.N. officials and members of the public on the impact this will have on U.K. and European Muslims.

We know from recent studies that a significant portion of Muslims who come to the US are immigrants, and many have lived here for decades.

We know that these immigrants have demonstrated resilience and will be better able to thrive under a Trump administration that is committed to making America a welcoming place to live and work.

We urge Americans to join us in calling on Trump to reverse his Muslim Ban and support refugees fleeing oppression and persecution.

As part of the ADLS’ efforts to educate Americans, the group also released a video highlighting the “vulnerability” of Muslims to extremism.

In the video, a young woman is shown sitting in a hospital bed and describing her experience with ISIS.

In her own words, she said, “My Muslim friends are scared, they’re scared to come to America.

They feel so unsafe.

They don’t know how to react, they don’t have the confidence, and they don of course are being taught a lesson by Trump.”

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday, ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt said the group is concerned that the Trump’s Muslim Ban will create a climate in which extremists can recruit more young Muslims.

Greenblatt called for “a broad coalition of anti-hate and anti-discrimination groups to engage with the administration to demand a change to the ban.”

He also said he believes that the Muslim ban will be used by some to “perpetuate their hateful narrative” against Muslims.

“When they’re using the Muslim Ban to justify their hatred and bigotry, we’re going to have a very difficult time making them feel any better,” Greenblat said.

Greenbatt also said the ADLI is concerned about the impact that Trump will have “on the future of the U,S.


He added that Trump has “shown a willingness to use his position of authority to impose a vision of what is good and what is bad for the U.,s.

military, and we want to see him reverse this direction.

We also want to ensure that the military has a real plan in place to counter the threat of terrorism, and to prevent acts of domestic terrorism.”

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